dimanche 13 juillet 2008

take a look...

although we'll update occasionally, each of us have branched out into our own different (with a little pleats flair) blogs. link us, and enjoy : )

b: http://www.saypleats.blogspot.com
riley: http://www.dontbeatulle.blogspot.com

mercredi 9 juillet 2008

been checking in on pleats and thank you, teen vogue?

although we aren't a very exemplary blog as of late, posting once in a blue moon, is it more than mere coincidence that the august 2008 issue of teen vogue has not one, but two features of subjects we've posted on eons ago?

case #1
eco friendly jeans... did we not tell you on january 5 in our eco post to check out sling & stones jeans?

case #2
this one's a little more tricky... see karlie kloss, featured as the leo of the month? and... hmm, who's dress is she wearing? indeed folks, that is an alexander mcqueen we'd featured.

so, i rest my case. there'll be no fingers pointed, but if you're visiting now, amy astley, we encourage you to comment (;