dimanche 13 juillet 2008

take a look...

although we'll update occasionally, each of us have branched out into our own different (with a little pleats flair) blogs. link us, and enjoy : )

b: http://www.saypleats.blogspot.com
riley: http://www.dontbeatulle.blogspot.com

mercredi 9 juillet 2008

been checking in on pleats and thank you, teen vogue?

although we aren't a very exemplary blog as of late, posting once in a blue moon, is it more than mere coincidence that the august 2008 issue of teen vogue has not one, but two features of subjects we've posted on eons ago?

case #1
eco friendly jeans... did we not tell you on january 5 in our eco post to check out sling & stones jeans?

case #2
this one's a little more tricky... see karlie kloss, featured as the leo of the month? and... hmm, who's dress is she wearing? indeed folks, that is an alexander mcqueen we'd featured.

so, i rest my case. there'll be no fingers pointed, but if you're visiting now, amy astley, we encourage you to comment (;

jeudi 29 mai 2008

put a cork in it

first, a note. as my fellow blogger said to you all, we apologize for not updating. but we are back in action i promise.
on a lighter washed note, yesterday afternoon hillary duff was spotted on her way to a recording studio wearing this (click the link for copyright reasons)
a maison goyard bag, i believe the verizon voyager and.... cork boots? it looks like we have a little alcoholic on our hands... opinions?

jeudi 22 mai 2008

honest to blog?

you know you should post more frequently when you have to clear the cobwebs away when you log on... as bloggers, we are ashamed.

on a lighter note...

i was looking at alexander mcqueen's collection in the media-center today, when i was supposed to be doing my final exam portfolio.but fashion comes first. but. i got goosebumps. the pieces are just so intricate and beautifully crafted, i didn't even know what to say. here are a few of my favorites. they're better than whole fruit popsicles and bare naked granola. simultaneously.

lundi 21 avril 2008

quite the treat

so im in journalism and since i have nothing to lay out for my page right now, i was browsing the news times and look at what i came across! polaroids of some of the most memorable lanvin looks. so enjoy and savor.

i know its kinda tiny now, but to see a full size image, check this.



jeudi 13 mars 2008

we apologize

yet again for the lack of updates. we both have a ridiculous amount of work to do right now, but i promise we will get back on our feet soon.
but for now, a little treat for you all. an older vogue spread. i thought it was absolutely marvelous. agree?

dimanche 2 mars 2008

i see right through you

you are transparent
vellum cracks and silver beads
you are so clear

why do i love this? my party is on friday. i hope everything goes on with out a hitch. but murphy's law tends to creep up behind me when i least want it. atleast i got a pretty dress

challlllah; riley (the almost sixteen-er)

mercredi 27 février 2008

prep time.

am i the only one going back to the days of hard-core... preppiness?

i hope so, because then when i save enough to buy a ralph crested wool blazer, there'll still be a few left in my size.

but seriously. lately, my eye has been glued to light blazers, crisp seersucker dresses, argyle cashmere cardigans, loosely cuffed slacks, and loafers. its all so adorable and crisp and bright and clean. and it feels so great after months of pashminas and jewel tones to be able to don a thin striped blouse and pencil skirt with pride. (a la j. crew, below)

stretch sateen pencil skirt, $88
striped 120s kensington shirt, $68

why, why, why?

why must someone have to pay when they take two days off of school? i have, today alone, two tests to take after school. pity me.
but for now, enjoy diane von furstenberg's 2008 ad campaign. i absolutely love it.
*no makeup was used... only paint*

dimanche 17 février 2008

we would update...

but one of us in on a cruise
and the other is in mexico
so be ready for some amazing posts later in the week :]
leave love.

samedi 9 février 2008

the princesses' inspiration

lately, we'vebeen inspired by the new (and not so new) collections from our favorite designers.
B has been intrigued by jovovich-hawk and erin fetherston. they are both so girly and inspired by love. fetherston was acutally inspired by juliet, as in romeo and juliet for her recent line at fashion week (according to vogue tv). so sit back, relax, and fall in love.


fall 08

so mod and so wearable! that color scheme is muted, but still vibrant because of the contrast between the black tights and the patterned dress.

EDGY. RUFFLES. what more do you need?

i think it is so difficult to put together a black ensemble and make it not look too dark or too gothic, but jovovich-hawk perfected the black european look with elegance.

although their new line is amazing, i think their best line was their spring 2007 line.

this is my absolute favorite ensemble! its so girly, and so wearable it makes me want to cry. its so ahead of the times... this is something i'd wear now and forever more.

again. so feminine.

my second favorite outfit:it really carries itself with minimal details.

erin fetherston
fall 08 rtw
you can really see the juliet inspiration in some of this ensembles.

the color is breathtaking. it flows and glows. the contrast between the color of the dress and the black tights is stunning.

can you see the juliet inspiration? i am in love with the headpiece.

i love how fresh this ensemble looks! the tights pop brightly against the muted pallete of the floral dress.

this reminds me of that haunting lanvin ad, but more youthful and wearable.

dimanche 27 janvier 2008

it's not a bag... its a f****** birkin!

samantha (sex and the city) was right. its not a bag. its heaven enclosed in a bag.

and it all started off with a controversial model.

jane birkin was a model/singer that emerged in the sixties in movies such as Blowup and Slogan. her husband, whom she met on the set of Slogan wrote the song (which both sang), 'J'taime... moi non plus (aka love-hate relationship). in it was sexual references like none europe had seen before; so it was banned from radio stations in italy, the uk and spain. currently, birkin has been known to sing with feist, franz ferdinand, rufus wainwright, and many others.

when people think of the birkin bag, it brings to mind a luxury that many can't quite grasp because of a $7,500+ price tag. so why jane? what exactly did she do to inspire hermes to make a bag after her?

rumor has it that birking was sitting next to jean-louis dumas (hermes ceo), and she opened her hermes datebook and papers flew out everywhere. so he took her wallet and gave it back to her with a pocket sewn on the back (and hermes wallets have been the same ever since). then birkin went into detail about the leather weekend bag that she has been searching for, and shortly after that, she found the bag that she had described at her doorstep. it is now known as the birkin bag.

birkin with her birkin... witty, i know.