mercredi 27 février 2008

prep time.

am i the only one going back to the days of hard-core... preppiness?

i hope so, because then when i save enough to buy a ralph crested wool blazer, there'll still be a few left in my size.

but seriously. lately, my eye has been glued to light blazers, crisp seersucker dresses, argyle cashmere cardigans, loosely cuffed slacks, and loafers. its all so adorable and crisp and bright and clean. and it feels so great after months of pashminas and jewel tones to be able to don a thin striped blouse and pencil skirt with pride. (a la j. crew, below)

stretch sateen pencil skirt, $88
striped 120s kensington shirt, $68

2 commentaires:

Poppycock Thoughts a dit…

Oh I love that look so much!

anna. a dit…

that is adorable,
i think im gonna hafta go prep