dimanche 27 janvier 2008

it's not a bag... its a f****** birkin!

samantha (sex and the city) was right. its not a bag. its heaven enclosed in a bag.

and it all started off with a controversial model.

jane birkin was a model/singer that emerged in the sixties in movies such as Blowup and Slogan. her husband, whom she met on the set of Slogan wrote the song (which both sang), 'J'taime... moi non plus (aka love-hate relationship). in it was sexual references like none europe had seen before; so it was banned from radio stations in italy, the uk and spain. currently, birkin has been known to sing with feist, franz ferdinand, rufus wainwright, and many others.

when people think of the birkin bag, it brings to mind a luxury that many can't quite grasp because of a $7,500+ price tag. so why jane? what exactly did she do to inspire hermes to make a bag after her?

rumor has it that birking was sitting next to jean-louis dumas (hermes ceo), and she opened her hermes datebook and papers flew out everywhere. so he took her wallet and gave it back to her with a pocket sewn on the back (and hermes wallets have been the same ever since). then birkin went into detail about the leather weekend bag that she has been searching for, and shortly after that, she found the bag that she had described at her doorstep. it is now known as the birkin bag.

birkin with her birkin... witty, i know.

samedi 26 janvier 2008

sweet as candy.

everyone loves candy. whether its a craving for 70% cacao chocolate, a pack oh haribou gummy bears, or a juicy piece of bubble gum. but did you ever think that your favorite sweets could have inspired a ready-to-wear runway dress? it may not have been the thing going through lagerfeld's mind at the moment, but theres always room for comparison.

elie saab and tic tacs: elie saab's spring 2008 was a crisp, white, dream. with subtle jeweled accents and intricate wrapping and detailing, the line screamed pristine. what else could you relate it to other than the minty fresh mint everyone loves? you got it, tic tacs.

jean paul gaultier and skittles: gaultier's 2008 couture line was truly eye-catching. he used a myriad of prints and colors to engage the senses of everyone watching. its only right to pair it with skittles, a fruity bite-sized candy that is one of my personal favorites.

ralph lauren and "gonzo grape" bubblicious: ralph lauren's fortieth anniversary spring 2008 ready-to-wear was the perfect collection to top off ralph's timeless look. lots of jodhpurs, fitted blazers, tea dresses, a southern debuatante gowns made the line diverse and interesting. this particular number on cecilia mendez needs no explanation on why it reminds us of bubbilcious's "gonzo grape" bubble gum.

so whether you're a fan of missoni or nina ricci, and have urges for godiva or necco wafers, you always know that they're both things you can always fall back on-- fashion and food.

jeudi 24 janvier 2008

i hate r.

she is done with finals.
i have a three - five page essay to write. does someone want to hand me some pain meds? i kid i kid. although i shouldn't, i do anyways.

a picture to drool about.

lundi 14 janvier 2008

its been a long december.

this is cute. i love her bracelet collection, and the other girl's leather jacket.

sorry we haven't updated in a while. midterms are so stressful. leave us love.

jeudi 10 janvier 2008

i am slightly giddy

my mom went to goodwill today, and came home with a vintage oversized gucci tote. i screamed when i saw it. my mom is pretty nifty, and can spot a fake from anywhere. she says it is authentic babyy :] ahh i am giddy.
does anyone else have amazing goodwill purchases?
love, princess gucci (aka bianca :])

warning: the following events may enduce shock

going accordingly off bianca's post, i think its about time to do a little my-life-is-a-hurricane-before- midterms post.

today i have to:
read "a modest proposal"
study a few hours for my world war I test tomorrow
pick clothes for regionals
clean my disaster of a room before i get lost in it

tomorrow i have to:
take said melt-down worthy history test
learn my midterm for chorale
go straight from school to my one regional rehearsal
come home at 10:00 and attempt practice/work

i know its nothing compared to events in zimbabwe or haiti, but in my own mind, i'm going slightly insane. not to mention i have my two hardest midterms in less than a week.

lets wallow together.

mercredi 9 janvier 2008

stress beyond belief

its 10.42 and your princess bianca is no where close to finishing her homework. i have to write 4 one page prompts and then do math homework before i even think about sleeping. i have already cried once today because of stupid regionals (the music is impossible, and i just 'learned' my part an hour ago), and i have a feelings that that will not be the last time i burst into tears before midterms are over. oh, and i have hell week for a show the same week as midterms. and rehearsels for another show that week too. i wish i was homeschooled.

lundi 7 janvier 2008

everyone loves a good love quote

"True love is like ghosts, which everybody talks about and few have seen", said La Rochefoucauld. and although there are plenty more heart warming odes to those we hold dear, these aren't the type of love quotes we're talking about.

ever made a trip to pinkmascara.com? if you haven't we command you to (after you've read this entry, that is). its a wonderful online boutique-- a cross between L.A.'s polka dot s and moon beams, and everyone's favorite, shopbop.com

one of our personal favorite items at pink mascara would have to be the love quotes scarf (as seen on the today show). they are made from the softest italian linen, and come in every color you can imagine... from scarf in a bottle to truffle.

in coco shell, $85

i have to say that this is amazingly cute to dress up or dress down, and even pair with your favorite peacoat.

T time

no, not T, as in a computer-short version of the tazo kind. no no, T strap sandals. these babies are the perfect shoe to pair with your new floral sundresses and bright linen shorts. these stunners can be found everywhere-- in silver or woven, from kors or dolce vita. new spring lines are full of them, and just begging you to strap them on.

now, i would show you my absolute favorite pair, but i am currently in study hall, on my phone, being watched like a hawk by the advisor.

ADDED: amazing dolce vita aegan metallic T strap sandal, $80

tchao, and just in time for high T ;)

dimanche 6 janvier 2008

current state of union

yoga pants
matte lips

apple c!
rolledup sweats
across the universe
glossip girl

the macaroni to your cheese (ahh juno)

a little saturation goes a long way.

how lovely is this dress? its balenciaga spring 08 RTW, and i must say, nicholas ghesquiere has done a wonderful job of channeling warhol-esque pop prints and saturated colors into an array of amazing mini shorts, dresses, and boleros. plus, who'd want to mess with anyone wearing those killer gladiators?

samedi 5 janvier 2008

maxi dresses

according to adorevintage, bohemia is back in action. maxi dresses have been making their way on to celebs of all shapes and statures. will you be spotted wearing one this spring?

granola anyone?

so lately we've been thinking; in latter generations, if you wanted to go for the whole eco-friendly, organic look, you'd have to invest in whole lot of hemp. but us girls have found the perfect solution if you want to look cute, but be enviro-concious.

most people know about the vamped-up basics, hipster uniform store American Apparel. but did you know that they produce a line of organic, 100% shirts, tanks, and lingerie?

the organic fine jersey short sleeve t-shirt in pomegranite, $15. it also comes in other funky colors, i.e. ultra violet and galaxy.

available at: http://www.americanapparelstore.com

heres one other place you may not expect to find eco friendly goods-- one of our favorite sites, shopbop.com. side by side KORS sandals and alice + olivia dresses are zoey and love & eight bamboo-cottons tees, an eye catching line called beau soleil, and organic cotton, humanitarian premium denim.

zoey and love & 8 "think green be cool" tee, $82: $2 of each purchase goes to the healthy child healthy world fund. it not may seem like a huge amount, but a little goes a long way.

sling & stones rebekah washed straight leg jean, $203: it may seem pricey but, every one loves their premium denim. and who also doesnt like to multi task? if you buy these jeans, part of the sale goes to humanitarian releif. plus, they are made out of organic cotton and have 24K plated gold hardware. sounds eco-friendly to me.

available at: http://www.shopbop.com

there are some great brands blossoming that save the world in very interesting ways. Nahui Ollin handbags are becoming more and more popular. spotted on the wrists of your favorites, bee and arr, and in the hand of Jenny on Gossip Girl, these bags are not only very different and fab, but they save the earth. all of the bags are made from recycled candy wrappers, gum wrappers, and soda bottle labels. the creators of these bags only use the wrappers that were rejected by companies, and were going to be put in landfills. they are each made by hand with up to 4000 pieces of recycled wrappers!

the letter-tutti in tutti fruiti (candy wrappers) as seen on gossip girl - $95

the ritual in barcode - $159 www.nahuiollin.com

recycling is not the only way to save the earth. as seen in teen vogue, joan and emily, a mother daughter team, has started saving the earth by creating a reusable shopping bag called the baggubag. each bag holds what 2-3 plastic bags would, and if you use just one baggu in a year, you will save 300 to 700 disposable plastic bags. and it doesn't hurt that they come in adorable colors and fold up to fit in your pocket.

the baggu bag is $8 with discounts available is you purchase more than one. they come in colors such as saffron, fuschia, and cobalt. www.baggubag.com

vendredi 4 janvier 2008

tu est tres belle

marc by marc jacobs softy faridah in poppy

mmmm. i have been eyeing this pebbled leather beauty for a while now. it has just the right amount of hardware, and it seems like it could fit my massive amount of junk i carry around all day.

thank you karl

(Siri Tollerød, an obsession of mine in the making)

thank you my husband (karl lagerfeld) for making chanel's pre fall show look classy and elegant, with just enough edge. although i tried to stay optimistic, the use of denim in the rtw wear collection scared me. please don't do that again.

your wife bianca the fantasmic

why walk, when you can fly?

lanvin spring 08 RTW

does she not look like she could glide right into the air, and swoop away into her charming enchantress lair?

screen shopping makes me giddy

doing my rounds on all of the ridiculously expensive websites that have things that you just can help but drool at when you see, I found these babies.
does anyone else see a reason to drool? these peep toe pumps, aka Princess Bianca's Cinderella shoe, are DAVIS by Ruthie Davis. $625. pocket change. 15 years of pocket change, anyway.

jeudi 3 janvier 2008

some r&b with your r&r

our first ever edition of r&b r&r. you know that one energy drink that you can't live without? how about your latest buy from sephora that hasn't left your purse? those new loubs that seem permanently glued to your feet? well, r&b r&r will take you into the heart and mind of two bloggers who have their healthy obsessions...

Cosmetics that makes us B-E-A-Utiful

riley dearest
stila lip glaze in peach: perfect with any color palette, this little baby goes everywhere. swipe it on, and you've got the perfect gloss to go where ever you're getting off to with class.


Princess Bianca:
Sephora's Triple Action Mascara: I have stumps for eyelashes, yet this amazing mascara in ultra black makes me look like my cousin with inch long eyelashes. Freaky, I know.
Benetint Pocket Pal: Gloss. Tint. All in one. On the go. No wonder it's called a pocket pal.

collections that are simply flawless

riley, oh my!
bcbg max azria.
their fall collection at NY fashion week was the perfect blend of haunting, witchy shapes and calm, neutral colors. the combonation of the two spoke for itself, barely needing the accessories of gauzy shawls and double-wrapped belts. lets just say that if the wicked witch of the west wore anything form this collection, oz would be very different.


Nina Ricci.
Notice how my favorite dress has pleats in it? ahhh never-the-less every collection that Nina Ricci comes out with is the epitome of femininity and luxury. The designs are stunning and can make even your grandmother look like the hottest thing ever. *cue music: You're so Damn Hot by OKGo)

Modern Designers that we fantacize over:

riley so smiley
Philip Lim
what can i say? he's amazing. he was the runner up for the CFDA vogue fashion fund, but i would give him a gold medal any day. his navy white shift dress with red brocading? i will own it one day.


Bianca Lagerfeld
Alexander McQueen.
edgy. sophisticated. amazing. pretty much, I want Alexander McQueen's babies. How can you resist McQueen and his amazing skull scarves? I need one like a fat kid needs cake.

The most memorable trend of oh seven

tailored coats. a la burberry prorsum, with boxy shoulders, detailed cuffs, and crested lapels. pretty much perfection when paired with some light jodhpurs and a ruffled blouse.


Gray clad. I think that the edgiest outfits were gray skinnies, a gray top, and gray loubs. Then bright bangles and hats make it pop. ahh those were the good days.

What we want in oh eight

R: i'm really hoping for lots and lots of white, and then bright pops of saturated, bright colors, with mini boleros with pop-art warhol-esque floral prints. you'll see me running in my cork espadrilles to snatch some love stories and siwy optic white cropped jeans. YUM.


B: I want femininity to be the new black. Gone are the days of menswear and oxfords, and in are the days when of lace and pink! I can't wait to find some wedges and floral prints. I also can't wait to get my cocktail ring covered hands on some high waisted short and some wide legged jeans.

Our 'it' fragrances

R: i'd have to say missoni. i got it as a free sample as sephora, and it smells like intense love.


B: Chance by Chanel. It's fresh, fun, and classy. Like Chanel. duh.

The buys we can't live without

R: marc jacobs soft faridah in poppy. do you need a brown paper bag, i hear hyper-ventilating.


B: Louboutin wedges. what else do you need in life?

Our 'it' models

R: Natalia Vodianova. After three kids, she still looks stellar. she breaks the mold of the pretty, mysterious, mouth-slightly-open model. she's strange, different, and absolutely appealing.


B Sasha Pivovarova. She is stunning, and eccentric, and I love how her look is soft, yet piercing. Her face stays with my forever. Especially since I taped it onto my closet.

factoids about The Riley
age: 15
what I want to be: a writer for magazines
inspired by: french vogue
icrave: melted mary janes and raspberry white tea
fun fact: i rarely type with capitals, and i've moved eight times
next destination: morocco

About the most amazing Bianca
age: 15
what I want to be: an actress
inspired by: nylon
icrave: caramilk bars and tazo tea
fun fact: I was in a movie at the age of 10
next destination: nyc to see Legally Blonde the Musical

mercredi 2 janvier 2008

what happens to a dream deferred?

my dream: to be posting blog posts
reality: writing a 3 page paper on the characters from A Raisin In The Sun connected to the lines of Langston Hughes' poem: what happens to a dream deferred.
Pity Me.

whos the new kid?

whether you've heard of him or not, rogan gregory is the kid from the town over, just breaking into the fashion industry with all eyes on him. he was cfda vogue fashion fund winner of 2007. this entailed a $100,000 reward and a year long mentorship with a prestigious fashion executive. in second place, winning $50,000 was phillip lim, of 3.1 phillip lim. the 8 other finalists include:

jeffrey costello and robert tagliapietra of costello tagliapietra
devi kroell of devi kroell
doo-ri chung of doo.ri
milla jovovich and carmen hawk of jovovich-hawk
georgina chapman and kerin craig of marchesa
david deville and marcus wainwright of rag & bone
laura and kate mulleavy of rodarte
justin giunta of subversive jewelry
thakoon panichgul of thakoon

rogans collections can be found here: http://www.rogannyc.com/

hey girl hey.

so this is it. the most amazing blog ever. its creativity, freshness, and style all wrapped up in a burrito. then times two.

yes, riley and bianca have come together (finally) to do a fashion blog that will make all the others look like you're gramma's light-up christmas sweater.

so get ready, because it's coming to a screen near you before you can say jean-paul gaultier three times fast.