samedi 9 février 2008

the princesses' inspiration

lately, we'vebeen inspired by the new (and not so new) collections from our favorite designers.
B has been intrigued by jovovich-hawk and erin fetherston. they are both so girly and inspired by love. fetherston was acutally inspired by juliet, as in romeo and juliet for her recent line at fashion week (according to vogue tv). so sit back, relax, and fall in love.


fall 08

so mod and so wearable! that color scheme is muted, but still vibrant because of the contrast between the black tights and the patterned dress.

EDGY. RUFFLES. what more do you need?

i think it is so difficult to put together a black ensemble and make it not look too dark or too gothic, but jovovich-hawk perfected the black european look with elegance.

although their new line is amazing, i think their best line was their spring 2007 line.

this is my absolute favorite ensemble! its so girly, and so wearable it makes me want to cry. its so ahead of the times... this is something i'd wear now and forever more.

again. so feminine.

my second favorite outfit:it really carries itself with minimal details.

erin fetherston
fall 08 rtw
you can really see the juliet inspiration in some of this ensembles.

the color is breathtaking. it flows and glows. the contrast between the color of the dress and the black tights is stunning.

can you see the juliet inspiration? i am in love with the headpiece.

i love how fresh this ensemble looks! the tights pop brightly against the muted pallete of the floral dress.

this reminds me of that haunting lanvin ad, but more youthful and wearable.

10 commentaires:

Belle a dit…

Cute, yet simple. Great post.

Flora a dit…

The 4th and last outfits are awesome. I love the colours in the last one ESPECIALLY :D

schminnie a dit…

I had a post like this, very recently actually. I had more of the first pictures. Check them out, but I bet youve already seen them.

Anyways 2 New POSTS~ Everyone check it out~

Wendy a dit…

I love the soft faded vintage floral prints that were used so heavily. It makes me think of old hollywood films.

Anonyme a dit…

I love Erin Fetherston!

LINDA a dit…

Yesss, ruffles. <3
ahaha. i love ruffles.

Ana a dit…

I love Jovonich Hawk but their clothes could be found at a vintage store, nothing new, but nevertheless still adorable.

the t-shirt girl a dit…

nice picks!

Anonyme a dit…



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Billy a dit…

I really like the last 2 floral dresses!