dimanche 17 février 2008

we would update...

but one of us in on a cruise
and the other is in mexico
so be ready for some amazing posts later in the week :]
leave love.

6 commentaires:

Poppycock Thoughts Blogger a dit…

Cant wait!

Ana a dit…

cant wait
have fun?
R how is the boy searching going?

Fashion Ivy a dit…

Hey great blog. Would u like to link?

Anonyme a dit…

great blog! hope you had a fun time on vacation.

i hope this doesn't sound creepy, but where did you go on your cruise to? i'm going to st. thomas in the usvi this spring and am looking for good shopping places. (it's a common place for cruise ships to stop)

anyways keep up the great work!

R & B a dit…

ahhh thanks.
i went on disney, it was a blast.
we stopped at st. thomas too. i really liked the atmosphere, and i looked in lacoste, ralph lauren, and a bunch of little local shops on main street.

have a fun time!

Anonyme a dit…

thank you so much! i'll keep my eyes open for those! sometimes its hard to spot things there because of all of the things to see.